Sunday, June 12, 2011

Malaysia: Time Travel to the Past

It's never been a place in my mind that I would want to visit, but yes, it's part of my course requirement and we visit the National Museum. Apart from feeling resistant when I first heard about it, I never thought I would actually like that place.

The building itself was an iconic building in Malaysia. They have 4 different galleries in there, it is a historical museum, thus all those 4 galleries consist of different era on the forming of Malaysia till today.

I'm very interested in the growth of human intellect. How we create and it ended with destructions, more to the patterns of human behavior. Anyway, that's out of the point. Just look at this image:

Fort built by the Portuguese when they conquered Malacca. How this stronghold falls and leaving just the east gate called "Porta De Santiago". Recently they have just uncovered another part of the wall near the river, while the building of "Taming Sari Tower". I wanted to measure how large was this in the actual scale of the map of Malacca today.

Pictures of the tour:

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